Physician Assistant B. Sc.*

The Physician Assistant is a future-oriented and versatile profession in health care with interdisciplinary competence at the interface between medical and non-physician health care professions. The course of study offers entry into a new career for members of medical professions. They can expand their range of tasks many times over, open up new career opportunities and enable financial advancement.

According to a current study, the Physician Assistant is one of the eight trend professions for 2019.

Overview of the study programme

Study model:
Vocationally integrated with attendance blocks

6 semesters

Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.)

180 (up to 60 are recognised)

Two lecture blocks per month, usually on Fridays and Saturdays

Tuition fee per month:
595 EUR (usually paid by the practice partner)

Enrollment fee:
300 EUR (one-time)

Start date:

Study location:

  • Heidelberg
  • Stuttgart

Job description and fields of activity

The Physician Assistant acts as a link between doctors, nursing staff and patients.
It supports and relieves doctors in routine tasks that can be delegated, such as interviewing and examining patients and contributes to improving patient care.

Physician assistants work in

  • All outpatient medical care areas in general and specialist medicine
  • Hospitals and rehabilitation clinics
  • Medical care centres
  • Established practices
  • Surgery/Internal medicine, general and specialist medicine
  • Accident and Emergency
  • Anesthesia and intensive care
  • Functional diagnostics and therapy

The specific tasks performed by physician assistants are divided into different areas that reflect the daily work routine in hospitals and medical practices.

Physician assistants prepare the initial medical history, work out suspected diagnoses, provide support in taking the medical history and also carry out physical examinations under the supervision of the attending physician. They carry out minor operations, take blood samples and assist physicians during surgical procedures.

They play a central role in many organisational and administrative tasks and are responsible for medical documentation. Soft skills are also in great demand: Physician Assistants form the communication interface of patient care delegated by the physician and create individual treatment plans under medical responsibility.

The study course Physician Assistant at the ISBA

At the ISBA Medical Academy you will acquire a broad range of medical knowledge as well as the formal requirements to support and relieve doctors. Therefore, the main focus of the course of
study is oriented towards that of medical studies and the curriculum of the German Medical Association.

A characteristic feature of the Physician Assistant course is the close interaction between theory and practice. At the beginning, students from different professional groups are brought to the same level of medical knowledge. If required, we offer optional modules to prepare students for their studies.

Admission requirements

The following requirements apply to foreign applicants who wish to study to become Physician Assistants at the ISBA:

• Proof of having successfully passed the final examination of a three-year medical training course with state certificate in, for example:
--medical assistant
--dental technical assistant
--pharmaceutical assistant
• Proof of at least one year’s full-time work in the occupation for which you are training
• Proof of German language skills at least at language level B1
• Certificate of recognition as a qualified person by the competent authority in Germany

The requirements and recognition of previous education will be clarified in detail during an individual consultation, as these differ from country to country.
Our teams in Heidelberg and Stuttgart will be happy to advise you!

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